Jersey Fabric You Need To Know

Jersey Fabric You Need To Know

While you want to make a new cloth, you should decide what kind of fabrics you want to use for it. There are many materials you can take one or more to be your best options. You can combine one with another material for creating the best look of your cloth design. One of the most the best materials is jersey fabric. There are many people who are used this material for their basic cloth material and perhaps you do. You can use this fabric for your new cloth design which can create more perfect and best look of it.

While you want to take this fabric for your new cloth, you should know well about the characteristic of the fabric itself. Why you should know about it? It is because it will help you so much in deciding whether this fabric is suitable for your new design or not. Well, some of materials are not suitable for making it as the basic material. Thus, you should know about this fabric and also other fabrics character to help you in choosing the best materials for your design easily.

Well, jersey is weft-knitted fabric for all types and was originally manufactured from the wool but now is made of synthetic, cotton and wool fibers. Its name is takes from the Channel Island between France and Britain.

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There are two machine-knitted jerseys categories you can take for making your new cloth. They are single and double jerseys. For the single jerseys, you just can get a fabric knitted single layer with a set of needles in every single of needle bed on a weft knitting machine, so you just have a single layer jerseys which is more stretchy and lightweight.

For the double jerseys, you can get double layer jerseys with two sets of needles in two needle beds on a weft knitting machine. However, if you get the stretchy and lightweight character for a single jersey, in the double jerseys you can get heavier and less elastic than the single one. Even if double jersey is heavier, you also still can use those jerseys, single or double, because they are insulating and warm to manufacture of clothing and bedding. You also should know that this fabric tends to be soft, so it will be suitable for your new cloth design. You can use this fabric if you want to get the soft and warm touches from this fabric as well.

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If you want to make new cloth by using this kind of fabrics, you also should know about how to wash it to get the colors of your cloth can long lasting. Generally, you can wash jersey in machine by using the warm water and medium setting of tumble dried. For bright colors, it can stay brighter longer if you washed it on a cold setting and low of tumble dried. Thus, you should know how to wash your jersey’s cloth to make you can get the color standing for a long time.


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